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No New Posts Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

In which many important announcements are made. This may (or may not) include: help wanted for site staff, site-wide plots and/or events or an announcement notifying you all that there's a troll in the dungeons (thought you ought to know).

5 12 Glitch Report
by Faye Lovette
Jul 25, 2013 14:38:15 GMT -5
No New Posts Laws of the Kingdoms

Rules and other nonsense.

8 10 Occupations in the Middle Ages
by Peregrine Alexander
Jul 13, 2013 21:06:18 GMT -5
No New Posts Advertise

Want to get the word out about your site? Want to affiliate with us? Here's the place.

Sub-boards: First-Time Advertisements, Link-Back Advertisements, Affiliation, Guest Board

190 195 ZapdosZulu, pokemon RP
by Tarlar
Jul 14, 2018 16:31:37 GMT -5
No New Posts Character Creation

Come here to create your character and fill out your claims!

8 10 Marceline Soldati [W.i.P.]
by Deleted
May 24, 2014 22:49:52 GMT -5
No New Posts Hall of Records

This is where the accepted character applications are kept.

Sub-boards: Accepted Eacharnach, Accepted Foirfich, Accepted Gaothaidh, Accepted Teumnach, Accepted Muireach, Accepted Riasglach, Accepted Elsewhere, Accepted Sgaithte

25 46 Pandion Alexander
by Peregrine Alexander
Jul 31, 2013 15:04:29 GMT -5
No New Posts Plots Have I Laid

Ah, the drama. Here's where you'll do your plotting.

Sub-board: Wanted Ads

25 76 Plot Bunnies (Kel)
by Khalidah Leaf-Fall
Aug 6, 2013 1:01:22 GMT -5


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No New Posts Castle Freumhach

The capitol is an enormous castle rising out of formidable hill. The pathways in and around the fortress are wide enough for a horse to safely travel upon. A moat surrounds the castle.

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No New Posts Steppes of Caoineachadh

Open land for travelers and where the horses roam. One may find scattered villages and inns along the way. Even the most squalid of pubs has been fashioned with the Eacharnach's love of beauty in mind.

1 27 Letting it all go [Nikita]
by Khalidah Leaf-Fall
Aug 8, 2013 21:28:55 GMT -5
No New Posts City of Brocair

Located on the banks of the River Deamharruin, this city is home to the river people. Fishermen, water mages and elementals and horsemen who raise more livestock than swords.

Sub-board: The Wasted Otter

1 6 Not all who wander are lost ~Caliban~
by Khalidah Leaf-Fall
Aug 9, 2013 3:51:48 GMT -5
No New Posts Fliodh Forest

This forest is shrouded in mystery and some who enter its very heart come back changed people, if they come back at all. Rumor has it that those who practice dark magic live within.

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No New Posts Ioralta Academy

This school was founded by the Counsel of Speirling as a place to train the great men (and after much bickering, women) of tomorrow. The place is incredible: a miniature city of winding buildings, courtyards and gardens. Each of the seven kingdoms has contributed to this wondrous place.

Sub-boards: Floating Tower, Classrooms, The Library, West Courtyard, Dormitories, Armory, Practice Arenas, Teachers' Offices, Secret Passageways, Great Hall, The Stables, The Caves, Village of Faighleadh, Woods of Faighleadh

1 27 It's All Very Science-y (Open)
by Cassander Tuireann
Jul 14, 2013 0:54:52 GMT -5
No New Posts The River Deamharruin

It is the great river that separates the northern region from the rest of the world.

2 64 Cat Got Your Face? (Dedrallow)
by Dedrallow Omen
Jul 16, 2013 8:43:52 GMT -5


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No New Posts City of Greannta

The capitol city of Foirfich is best described as an imposing city of metal, leather or neatly-designed streets and buildings. Life here operates with the percision of a surgeon and the punctuation of a clocksmith. Greannta is a strict but efficient city.

Sub-boards: Greannta Fortress, Uptown Butcher

1 6 Returning Home
by Arcadia Celedragonel
Jul 11, 2013 7:49:06 GMT -5
No New Posts City of Leac-Iobairt

This is the holiest city in the world, and hundreds of pilgrims who follow the Dadga religion come here every year. The city is bustling despite the government of Foirfich keeping a close eye on the proceedings.

Sub-boards: Temple of the First Gods, Foirfich Hospital

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No New Posts Planes of Beannacudan

The soil here is fertile and farms stretch for miles, dotted with villages and the small castles of the lords who oversee the farming.

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No New Posts Steppes of Allta

This land is barren, but in true Foirfich fashion, it is put to good use. Forts are built around training camps, where soldiers drill and play war games.

2 17 Why are you here? (open)
by Peregrine Alexander
Jun 13, 2015 11:46:19 GMT -5


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No New Posts Speur-Ghlan

The capitol city is a wonder to behold. The castle itself is suspended high in the air, while rope ladders are the fastest route down to the mountain, where other buildings float. The architecture is unlike any other civilizations, a beautiful hodge-podge of working wheels and pulleys.

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No New Posts Gath-Greine Mountain

The city is built on the side of a mountain. Some of the buildings, build in the same fashion as they are in Speur-Ghlan, are built into the trees, submerged into the ground or even floating in the air. The people here are happy, going out their daily business of advancing the world into a new age of science and magic.

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No New Posts Dreim Mountain Range

This mountain range stretches across all of Gaothaidh and is home to many scientists, magicians and of course, architects.

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No New Posts Eastern Ocean

On the edge of Gaothaidh, the beaches, not untouched by the Gaothaidh people, lay waiting, adventure calling for the young and restless.

1 11 Partners in Crime (Khailyn, and Dedrallow)
by Khalidah Leaf-Fall
Aug 10, 2013 13:14:32 GMT -5


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No New Posts Port Seang

The busiest port in Muirean, complete with pickpockets, undocumented immigrants and pirates. And rats, lots and lots of rats.

2 11 A Sea of Glass [Open]
by Khalidah Leaf-Fall
Aug 8, 2013 23:24:02 GMT -5
No New Posts Bluffs of Sona

Beautiful bluffs with a surrounding wood, set on cliffs that overlook the sea. Villages and fishermen's huts are nestled into the trees of the sandy rocks of the cliffs.

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No New Posts Bay of Lethunnsa

This bay is a popular trading port and much of the decorum has been fashioned by artisans from Eachnarnach.

1 3 The wolf and the lion [Open]
by Tali Morgul
Jul 11, 2013 2:09:49 GMT -5
No New Posts Open Seas

These people are born with sea salt in the veins, or so they say, and many are happiest when free, sailing on the ocean. Rumors are flying around that the Muirean seas are infested with sea monsters.

1 14 Hoist the colors [Lyall]
by Khalidah Leaf-Fall
Aug 8, 2013 21:27:30 GMT -5


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No New Posts Fae City of Gorm-Cheathach

This is the city of the fae, a strange and mysterious place shrouding in blue mist. Few mortals who have journeyed to Gorm-Cheathach have returned and when they do, they speak of their visit to the city as one describes a strange dream.

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No New Posts Garden of Pluirean

It's a garden out of a fairytale, filled with exotic plants and delightful creatures scurrying about. The faeries dance here, leaving traces of their magic wherever they go.

1 5 The Sweet Smell of Magic...And Skunks (Open)
by Khalidah Leaf-Fall
Aug 8, 2013 23:09:40 GMT -5
No New Posts Caoin-Chaithlinn Forest

This is a forest buzzing with magic. It is said that is where the stolen children grow to adulthood with their new faery guardians. Strange rituals and dark secrets have unfolded amidst the trees.

3 49 Adventures in the Enchanted Forest
by Peregrine Alexander
Jul 27, 2013 23:16:02 GMT -5
No New Posts River Deamhnaidh

Branching off from the River Deamharruin, legend has it that the waters of the River Deamhnaidh has magical properties. Exactly what those magical properties do is anyone's guess. Men have been known to have been cured of terminal illness or been turned into pigs. No one's figured out the variables yet.

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No New Posts City of Bairinn

There is little vegetation, save for people's herb gardens. For the capitol city of the kingdom of dragons, it is better to have an open sky for the beasts to fly in and out with ease. The city itself is built along the tops, sides and interior caves of three mountains.

Sub-boards: Fortress of Bairinn, Cafe Wings

1 2 Tea with Bats (Aramil)
by Peregrine Alexander
Jun 20, 2015 10:48:06 GMT -5
No New Posts Valley of Dreos-Theine

The Valley of Dreos-Theine goes on for miles, full of rocks, caves, mountains and rough patches of singed grass. A few shallow streams run through this land. This is where wild dragons still roam, untamed and savage.

Sub-board: Terryn's

3 62 Lounging About (open)
by Cassander Tuireann
Aug 8, 2013 19:11:15 GMT -5
No New Posts Mountain of Fior-Uachdar

This is the mountain where the dragons are trained. Another glowing-red castle is nearby, complete with dungeons, chains and other methods for men to bend the great beasts to their will.

Sub-board: Krull Castle

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No New Posts Guirme Lake

The one place in all the kingdom that is not dripping in heat and fire. It is a peaceful place, a small secluded lake with the rare grove of trees. Lovers are known to frequent this place.

3 68 Who are you really? [Brier]
by Khalidah Leaf-Fall
Aug 10, 2013 13:17:05 GMT -5


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No New Posts Vermin Village

Makeshift tens serve as dwellings for the damned as they huddle around weak fires and battle the local vermin for food.

1 8 For the Children! (Open)
by Khalidah Leaf-Fall
Aug 8, 2013 23:06:21 GMT -5
No New Posts Swamp Deamharruin

This is what the River Deamharruin becomes when it reaches the south, culminating in the most beautiful and spookiest swamp. It stretches on for miles and everything from dead bodies to treasure is dead within in the water.

1 37 Eel, It's What's For Dinner (Open)
by Peregrine Alexander
Jun 6, 2015 11:02:30 GMT -5
No New Posts Village of Scoundrels

This is another poverty-stricken village. Someone just got the plague, so everyone is panicking.

1 11 everything goes black {open}
by Khalidah Leaf-Fall
Aug 8, 2013 23:05:25 GMT -5
No New Posts Gate of Dionach

The gate and its wall that keep all of the "damned" within the bounds of Risglach and all free folk out. It is warmest, due to the intense dragon heat and the constantly burning fires. They say it is impossible to get through, but that's just what they say...

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